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This exciting new band came about as the result of a casual jam that revealed a captivating synergy between talented professional musicians. 

The musical style and the outcome was unexpected  Americana, Alt Country, Soft Rock, New Grass & Blues that never forgets where the beat lies.

About Us

Set List

Mailing List 

Sunday, March 1

San Carlos Farmer's Market

700 Laurel St.

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM



Booking Manager

Land Line: 650-359-7845
Cell: 650 438-6519


The Players 

Karen Imperial

A native New Yorker and part of a musical family, Karen moved to San Francisco in 1994 where she immersed herself in the vibrant Bay Area musical scene.  


An accomplished vocalist, guitarist and recently added mandolin, her eclectic musical styles span the Big Band era to Folk music, Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll.  Her talent reveals an uncanny ability to deliver unique material will passion, style, wit and musicianship.  Karen possesses a sophisticated awareness of harmony which is a perfect fit for a vocal group like High & Lonesome.   For the last ten years, Karen has been focusing on songwriting and successful live performances at intimate venues throughout the bay area.

Martyn Jones

Has been playing the drums professionally for 30 over years.  He has experienced live playing situations from the dusty, Burning Man desert to the fine concert halls of Japan.  In his quest, he has crossed paths and played with such notables as John Lee Hooker, Tiny Tim and The Kronos Quartet and is sought after as a Studio Musician.  For the past 25 years he has toured with The Mermen, the award-winning San Francisco Psychedelic Instrumental Trio.  Celebrating their 25th year, they have played virtually every venue in the bay area plus tours to Japan and the U.S.  In addition to a fine musician, Martyn is an accomplished professional Photographer and Actor. 

Jimmy Johnston

 A Harmonica went into his shirt pocket and the rest is history. His vast music knowledge has uncovered gems for the band to cover.  The other side of Jimmy is his voice and ability to deliver solid harmony with passion and style.  His in-the-pocket ability on the Cajon drives the band’s groove.

Ken Graven

Performed with Bob & the Nuhearts, Eddie Neon and many Bay Area bands bringing Electric Guitar, Resonator Guitar & Sax.  As a songwriter, Ken has created a terrific library of original music that he recorded, mixed and mastered.  His role as vocalist and his formal command of music and harmony is a perfect blend for this band.

John Poultney

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to A guitarist, Bassist, & vocalist, John is a veteran of numerous events & festivals and has performed at the best Bay Area clubs: Slims, Great American Music Hall, Bazaar Cafe, Knockout, Iron Springs, Red Devil Lounge etc. He toured Kentucky has and opened for Dick Dale, Petty Booka, Box Set and many others. His band credits include The Shut-Ins, The Human Torches, Oxygen Myth, Denim TV & Galaxxy Chamber.grab your audience's attention...

Andrew Mayo

Andrew was informed by his mates in his first garage band that he was the lousiest guitar player and would therefore play Bass.  He has never looked back. This led to local clubs then to a full time music career as a touring band on the Nevada circuit.  The circuit included San Francisco which immediately resulted in a decision to live there. During his career, Andrew has performed or toured with The Friars, The Mixers, The BluesCasters The OffShoots, & the Authentic Surf Brothers.

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